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Naming Your New Horse

Mare and Foal
Your favorite mare is due any day, and you're anxiously watching her for any indication of the new foal's arrival. Or maybe your new horse is arriving tomorrow and you're desperate to pick the perfect name for it. Don't be too much of a hurry--often the perfect name will present itself when you get to know the horse's personality a little more. But while you're waiting, planning, and wondering, here are some ideas and suggestions to help you choose:

If the foal will be registered, it is common to use parts of the sire's and dam's names to derive a new name for the foal. For example, a foal sired by Two Eyed Jack and born to Smokey's Drifter Gal might be named Two Eyed Drifter or Jack's Smokey Gal. If your new horse already has a barn name but you want to incorporate it into a show name, find a way to add to his barn name to make it more appealing and attractive in the show ring. Base your horse's name on its color or unique markings. Horses with heart-shaped markings on their faces might have Valentine or Cupid in their name. Palomino or buckskin horses might have Gold, Blondie, or Cream in their name. A black and white spotted horse could be named Domino. Horses with a lot of spirit will require a flashy or fancy name, but a horse that's just your best buddy needs a name that is fun and affectionate.

Incorporate names from your favorite book or movie to create a special moniker for your horse. Some examples are Tara (from Gone with the Wind) or Frodo (from Lord of the Rings). Often a horse's registered name is shortened into a barn name, so keep that in mind. You might call a horse Roanie rather than call out "DocHollyInvestorBoonsmall" every time you go to his stall.

Always be on the lookout for a unique name and write it down while you're thinking of it. Keep a journal of all the horses you've owned, trained, boarded, or watched at shows. Here are some unique names to help you get started:

Cobalt     Cloudy     Seafoam     Basalt     Dapple     Josephas
Obsidian   Duchess    Jade        Granite    Cinnamon   Emerald
Sagebrush  Ruby       Crimson     Lone Star  Sapphire   Bittersweet
Knight     Quicksand  Cannon      Queen      Topaz      Pretty Picture
Buster     Flamingo   Sure Fire   Copper     Merino     Candlelight
Gallant    Aerie      Quincy      Volcano    Camouflage Morning Star
Brindle    Penguin    Lark        Rebel      Fawn       Sir
Wrangler   Royal      Ramon       Choice     Falcon     Scarlet
Marble     Hawk       Topside     Slate      Sealane    Comet
Seaflower  Spades     Dutch       Ace        Ocean      Starlight
Shale      Caspian    Aswan       Cuban      Sultan     Tien Shan
Champagne  Glory      Devon       Gucci      Peridot    Sadie
Arabella   Jade       Fergie      Xenia      Lace       Velvet
Aspen      Malibu     Brandie     Cupid      Delta      Pride
Galaxy     Patience   Shamrock    Aztec      Zena       Merlot
Bramble    Cricket    Freckles    Galina     Remington  Louie
Paramaribo Aussie     Serenade    Omber      Loon       Pistol
Viking     Rook       Cheyenne    Morocco    Cayenne    Gabriella
York       Ballad     Yukon       Turbo      Thane      Silhouette
Toronto    Corban     Colorado    Ontario    Dually     Nevada
Baffin     Diesel     Mohican     Paris      Chinook    Sackett
Mohawk     Pilgrim    Amazon      Aurelia    Amaziana   Bariana
Bella      Baron      Ceridian    Charm      Dixie      Doc
Dot        Dreamer    Duchess     Francesca  Frisco     Galana
Gallant    Glaze      Grace       Kip        Kix        Lacy
Major      Minx       Nickel      Ninja      Nugget     Medallion
Olivia     Peachie    Rascal      Rebel      Riata      Rio
Ruby       Tigger     Zeus        Cajun      Caribbean  Sonnet
Quaker     Brazil     Sain Foin   Plutarch   Chile      Chapparal
Peru       Arizona    Shenandoah  Disco      Renegade   Chevy
Risk       Commander  Apache      Buck       Captain    Bandit
Dancer     Yarn       Jamaica     Kayak      Rico       Blizzard
Cajun      Rebel      Battle      Chance     Traveller  Patriot
Sam        Royal      Trey        Rio        Task       Percival
Ace        Flight     Timber      Yogi       Rescue     Ford
Schubert   Surtsey    Navajo      Dino       DriftSand  Anvil
Buccaneer  KinoBey    Rovin'      Merrimac   Trump      Durance
Mojave     Macao      Dixie       Tribute    Baikal     Blue Danube
Shaban     Columbine  Formosa     Pronto     Talon      Looking Glass
Bueno      Ambrosia   Sylvie      Sophie     Angel      Anthem
Babe       Destiny    Oriole      Sarena     Rasha      Lisele
Rain       Sassy      Penny       Roxie      Sabre      Bengal
Noble      Dime       Java        Wade       Wrangler   Nickel
Shalom     Torpedo    Cortez      Nickel     Aladdin    Dollar
Copper     Sonny      Dodge       Thunder    Winks      Spencer
Blaze      Chip       Apollo      Oreo       Sylvester  Raphaela
Shine      Clarion    Trina       Desert     Olivia     Luciana
Tinsel     Polly      Allegro     Brandy     Cameo      Checotah
Lady       Berry      Winnie      Kodak      Viking     Manitoba
Juno       Oliver     Xerox       Fedora     Toronto    Otis
Talent     Cash       Bandana     Vegas      Yosemite   Beau
Houston    Teabiscuit Frosty      Jupiter    Waylon     Nemo
Guinness   Simon      Gallagher   Phoenix    SteelyDan  Banner
Houdini    Orion      Cosmo       Tobie      Frisco     Buster
Hercules   Yoda       Cyrus       Gollum     Hero       Oscar
Flame      Onyx

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