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Member Security Features

Liverystable has added a new security feature to help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses, and online scams. With McAfee's "Hacker Safe" Security features, our website is tested and certified daily to ensure your security in visiting and using the site.

Many features of are designed to protect our members, such as requiring visitors to register and login before they can contact a member with questions about a horse the member is advertising for sale. Our member's personal email addresses are never viewable to the public, and we receive a copy of all correspondence that takes place via our website. This makes it easier to spot a scam artist and block him from using to contact our members.

Please be aware of some of the signs of a potential online scam, when you are advertising your horses for sale. If you are contacted by a person who does not display a real interest in the horse, offers to pay by cashier's check and pick the horse up on a certain date without coming to see the horse first, is from another country, or shows poor language skills, be very suspicious. It is best to not reply to the email, delete it, and if it includes any links, do not click on them. This disables the scammer from identifying your computer or contact information, and hopefully will prevent him from sending you further spam or unwanted offers. is dedicated to providing the best horse advertising possible, and that means we will take all necessary measures to keeping your information safe. Our Terms and Conditions link is located at the bottom of our website, and it explains many of our security policies. If you have any questions about the security of your credit card transactions or communications through, please contact us through the site.

We value your membership on and hope you visit again soon!

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