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How To Tie A Rope Halter

How To Tie A Rope Halter
A rope halter is a wonderful tool. More lightweight than a normal nylon halter, the rope halter also has knots placed at the pressure points of a horse's head, giving you more control. It also has no buckles, which could break and injure the horse's eye, and it is made of one complete length of rope, so it is much stronger than the average halter. It is important to know how to tie a rope halter correctly, and the following steps will help you learn:
How To Tie A Rope Halter
Pass the end of the tie strap through the throat latch loop.
Rope Halter Photo
Wrap the end of the tie strap around behind the throat latch loop, forming a new loop which will become the knot.
Rope Halter
Pass the end of the tie strap through this new loop from front to back.
Horse With Rope Halter
Pull tight to form a knot. This knot should be above the knot that forms the throat latch loop, or you need to re-tie it and adjust your new knot higher.
Tying Your Own Rope Halter
The free end should aim back, away from the horse's eye and face. The halter should fit snugly, with the throat latch behind the horse's jaw.

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