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 Post subject: How to Mount a Horse That Won't Stand Still
PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 1:09 pm 
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A girl asked me how to get a horse to stand when you go to get on. Her mare was fidgety and would only stand a second when halted, and she always had to have someone hold her while she mounted up. Here is the reply I sent her, and the next day she contacted me and said it was totally successful. Thought I would share it with you:

To mount up when she won't stand still, try turning your mare in a tight circle. Keep your inside rein tighter, turning her in a circle around you. When she stops, release pressure, but be ready to take it up again and pull her in a circle if she takes another step when you're mounting. Start out with just getting a foot in the stirrup and rising up on the saddle but not swinging your other leg over. Do this, ask her to stand, and then get back down to the ground and pet her. You can even lean across the saddle and pat her on the other side of her neck as well. Get her used to standing still, if she moves, turn in a circle until she stops again. If you really work with her on standing still, she will learn it.

You can also teach a horse to stand on command. Practice at first with just a halter and lead line. Take her in the round pen, and get her to stand. Let the lead line hang straight down to the ground in front of her nose. Be ready to grab under her chin and stop might have to hang on to the lead for awhile, if she is really a mover, but in the round pen she can't really get away from you. If she moves, say "whoa", and back her up to where you first placed her. Every time she moves, use the lead line to correct her (pull her back, or forward, which ever way she moved from) and get her back to the very spot you asked her to stand at. If you practice this faithfully, your filly will learn to stand still when her lead is hanging down to the ground. This should help get her to stand still for when you get on. Just takes a lot of work.

If anyone else has ideas or thoughts to add, please post them here!


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2008 10:26 am 

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I do agree on the first solution you said. I have taught my gelding that way and he is much better. Although, since I had to turned him every time I started to mount, he began to know the drill too well and turned automatically. I had turned a certain way every time and now he tries to turn when I put my foot in the stirrup. So I advise you to turn your horse in a tight circle BOTH ways. If your horse remembers things well, do that and it will save you a lot of time!

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