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What is the cost to register on this site?

Nothing. There are no registration fees for members of Liverystable.net. It's free and easy to sign up.

How do I go about placing an ad?

First, click on the link at the top left that says "Register" and complete the registration process. Then choose "New Classified" from the left side menu of your Account page, or simply click the "Sell" link in the top navigation bar. It is very easy to follow the steps to submit your new classified ad.

How do I edit an ad I have already placed?

Login to your account and click on the "My Active Listings" link on the left side menu of your Account page. You will get a list of all of your current ads, with a link for each that says "Manage This Listing". Click the link for the ad you would like to edit, and you will see three options: Edit This Listing, Delete This Listing, and Copy To New Listing. Choose the step you would like, and follow the steps to complete your editing.

How much does it cost for sellers to place listings?

Is this site secure?

Yes. Your transactions are protected by the latest encryption technology, and payments are handled through Paypal to keep all of your information safe.

How do I find what I'm looking for?

You have several options:

  • We offer a "quick search" bar at the top of our pages for you to enter keywords and categories to search.
  • We offer an Advanced Search page for you to refine your search criteria.
  • Or you can just browse the listings to see what is available.

Can I save items to revisit later?

Yes. You can maintain your own "favorites" list within your account. Each listing on our site has an "add to favorites" link. Simply click that link and we will add that item to your favorites list.

What if I can't find what I am looking for?

You can set up search filters within your account area. Our site will then screen all new listings, as they are placed on the site, and if an item is listed that meets your filter (search) criteria, we will automatically send you an email notification.

How do buyers and sellers communicate with each other?

We provide buyers with the ability to contact the seller through a form that is accessible on each of the seller's listing pages. The seller will then be notified by email of the buyer's questions and the seller can either reply by email or log in to their account and reply through our onsite messaging system. The seller can choose to keep their email address anonymous.

I would like to put photos with my ad, but I don't have a digital camera or scanner.

You may send us your photos by mail and we will scan and post them with your ad as soon as possible. If you would like your photos returned, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope. We are not responsible for photos lost or damaged in the mail. When you place an ad, our website will generate an ad number for you. You must include your Ad Number and username/password information with your photos. Mail photos to:
610 4th Street
Elliott, IA 51532

What is a Featured Ad, how do I list my horse there?

Featured Ads are the photo links shown at the top of our home page. These photos rotate with others to show up not only on the home page but also at the top of the list when viewers are browsing all ads, and at the top of the list in search results when applicable criteria are included in the search. The Featured Ad section receives the most attention, and can be very effective in finding a buyer for your horse. If you would like to purchase a Featured Ad, submit an ad and choose "Featured Listing" when given the choice of which Additional Features you would like to purchase for your ad.

How can I get a refund?

Liverystable.net does not issue refunds unless the staff made an error. Once an ad is placed by a seller, there will be no refunds. Check our Terms of Use if you are unsure about your agreement with Liverystable.net.

I have a question that isn't posted here.

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